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Pre Arrival and First Day

Your EC Experience starts from the day you book

Before arriving at your EC school

Your EC experience starts long before your first day at school; from the moment you book your course, we'll be there to help you prepare for student life in the best and smoothest possible way.

We know that just the thought of arriving in a new country can be stressful, especially if you are travelling alone for the first time. That is why we are there to guide and support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At any point during your arrival or stay you can call us on our emergency telephone number (you will be given this number when you book your course). We will make your arrival a straightforward and stress-free experience.


See how EC Online works

English Language study at your fingertips

EC Online

EC Online is a unique learning tool which starts working the moment you book one of our English Courses. Combining learning materials, testing and communication with teachers and other students,social networking, it enables you to get the most out of your studies at any time, no matter where you are.

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The Orange Carpet Experience

EC's Orange Carpet Experience was the Silver Star Award winner in the 2016 UK Customer Experience Awards, setting a new standard for student care in our industry. The award recognises organisations for excellence in customer service, and our goal is to continue showing you what it means to be a VIP. From the moment you book with us until you complete your journey, you will always know you're our star!

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  • Speaking & Writing Test

    Following up your placement test on EC Online, you will do the remaining parts, writing and speaking.

  • 'How We Learn' Talk

    You will participate in a session on how you will succeed with EC, including insight regarding our teaching styles and methods.

  • Welcome Activity

    You are invited to join one of our EC staff members to enjoy the welcome event somewhere around the city.

  • Your Timetable

    Download all EC timetables here: School Timetables 2018 

Which EC school are you going to?

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EC offers a broad range of courses to help you meet your goals. Let us help you find the perfect course for you.

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