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Accreditations, Licenses and Memberships

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Our accreditations and awards reflect our constant pursuit of excellence

Accreditation is a form of quality assurance, where an English language school is checked to make sure that it meets the standards established by an accrediting body.

These days, student visas are granted only to students at accredited English schools. This is especially the case for UK and US English language schools.

To be accredited, EC has undergone a very intensive examination to ensure that our schools meet the strict standards demanded by accrediting bodies. Only the schools which offer the best service become accredited schools, gaining an internationally recognised mark of quality.

Our English schools have been thoroughly examined, investigated and found worthy of accreditation. Accredited schools are re-inspected every few years, and each year a number of accredited schools are randomly selected to undergo unannounced visits. Accordingly, accredited schools cannot allow the level of service they provide to slip. Schools must operate at top levels at all times.

EC Policy Documents

Learn more about the policies and procedures at EC's USA, UK, and Malta schools.

Policy Documents


We are excited to have won - for the fourth time - the ST Star Chain School Award at the 2018 StudyTravel Magazine Awards, after thousands of voters chose EC as the best English language school. 

Last year we won eight prestigious awards, including the coveted ST Star Chain School Award; and our unique Orange Carpet Experience won the Silver Star Award at the UK Customer Experience Awards in London.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of our students, partners, staff and teachers who have made everything possible.

ST Star Chain School 2018

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