DALF Exam Preparation in Montreal

Prove your French language ability with DALF in Montreal

EC Montreal offers a DALF exam preparation course for French proficiency. By choosing this elective, you can improve your French language skills, learn test-taking strategies and enter your exam feeling confident and well-prepared.

The DALF examinations are taken at two individual levels: C1 and C2 (Advanced). The DALF exam evaluates your French language abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

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DALF at EC Montreal

The DALF preparation course helps students to improve all the skills needed for each paper of the exam (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) and to develop test-taking strategies for exam success.

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DALF Expertise

All of the teachers offering DALF exam preparation are experts in the exam itself. They know exactly what the DALF exam demands of students and will provide you with the information you need, as well as the confidence in your own ability to use French.

Fulfil Your Potential

No matter how confident you may be of your French skills, our DALF Exam Preparation will provide the extra help needed to guarantee a strong performance. Aspects such as grammar, idioms and vocabulary will all be covered in depth, leaving you better equipped than ever.

Exam Technique

They say that practice makes perfect, and at EC you'll find out just how true that is. We use past exam papers on the DALF exam preparation course, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when the time comes. The combination of teacher support and actual practise will leave you prepared for whatever may appear on the exam.

Total Support

Your teachers will be there to guide and monitor you through every stage of the course. By tracking your progress and constantly providing feedback, they'll be able to create a personalised study plan that's tailor-made for your requirements, working to your strengths and helping with your weaknesses. With our full support you'll face your DALF exam with total confidence.

Course duration: 4 or 5 weeks

Lessons per week: 30 Lessons (20 General French + 10 DALF)

Hours per week: 22.5 hours

Class size: 12 average

2021 DALF Course Start Dates

DALF (level required Pré-Avancé)
April 05 - April 30
July 26 - August 20

October 04 - October 29

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