London DELTA Course Overview

Online Delta: 22nd Sep to 5th Dec

EC London is pleased to introduce a new online course which prepares applicants for Module Three of the Delta (the Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults).

This is a unique opportunity to follow a Module Three preparation course which contains taught group sessions online. This is the second time that the course will run as we had to move to teaching online in March this year. The success of this development has been evidenced in the 100% pass rate which our candidates have achieved in Module Three.

Gaining the Cambridge Assessment English Delta Module Three (the Extended Assignment) qualification requires significant time and effort. Make the most of this investment by studying with us.

✓ Delta Module Three at EC London is delivered through a combination of online group seminars and tutor feedback on the draft of each part of the assignment.
✓ The course is 11 weeks and runs from Tuesday 22 September to Sunday 5 December which includes the final week when participants produce the final version of their assignment.
✓ Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 1800-2030 online via Teams.

London Delta Module Three Course Content

Applicants must submit the on-line Application Form. Those applicants who fulfil the entry requirements will be contacted for a personal online interview. Acceptance on to the course is determined following the interview.

  • 1. Assessment

    Module 3 is assessed through an extended written assignment of 4000-4500 words and focuses on the design and assessment of a specialist group of learners, course participants can choose to research a specialism from the following list:

    - Business English (BE)

    - Teaching young learners/young adults (specified age group required with 5-year range e.g. 8-13, 14-19) (YL)

    - English for Special Purposes (ESP)

    - English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    - Teaching examination classes (EX)

    - Teaching one-to-one (1to1)

    - ESOL learners with literacy needs (ESOL)

    - CLIL/Embedded ESOL (teaching English through subject/work-based learning) (CLIL)

    - Teaching monolingual classes (MON)

    - Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning (DL)

    The deadline for submission of Module 3 is Monday 7 December 2020.

  • 2. Input Sessions covering the six syllabus areas

    Covers the six syllabus areas.

    o A chosen specialism
    o Approaches to needs analysis and diagnostic testing
    o Curriculum and syllabus design principles
    o Different types of syllabus and lesson frameworks
    o Course design and evaluation
    o Assessment of learners

  • 3. Course Delivery

    The course is delivered via Teams and consists of 11 online group seminars which cover the six syllabus areas listed above. The extended assignment consists of 5 parts and participants submit a draft of each part after attending the relevant input session and doing their own research. They receive feedback from their tutor and then produce the next part of the assignment. They have the opportunity to submit the whole draft for feedback in week 9 of the course and the last week is for participants to produce the final version.

Delta Course Details

  • Entry Requirements

    Participants should ideally have a minimum of two years’ full-time teaching experience at the beginning of the course, and hold an initial teacher training qualification, such as the Cambridge Assessment English CELTA or equivalent and have experience of producing academic writing at an advanced level. They need to have access to a minimum of one learner who they will plan the course for.

  • Group Size

    Class size is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

  • Course Fees

    The Module Three course fee is £520.00 which includes the Cambridge Assessment English entry fee of £85.00. It also includes materials used during the sessions and access to an online library.

    A deposit of £120.00 is required on acceptance of an offer of a place on the course. On receipt of the deposit, course participants will receive a reading list. The remaining fee of £400.00 is payable by 12 September 2020.

  • Contact Us

    If you require further information, email the Delta Course Coordinator, Madeleine du Vivier at

Apply for Delta

Applicants for the London Delta course must submit the on-line Application Form. Those applicants who fulfil the entry requirements will be contacted for a personal interview. Acceptance on to the course is determined following the interview.

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