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ECは30年以上の経験を活かし、生徒の皆さんが期待する結果をお届けするために、魅力的で関連性の高い枠組みを考案しています。 ECの教授法は、興味深い内容、コミュニケーション、そして生徒一人ひとりに必要な要素に合わせて作成されるレッスンプランに基づいています。

  • Teaching Standards

    We always maintain the highest teaching standards, working with students in small groups, pairs or individually to provide the kind of intensive, individualised teaching which guarantees the best results.

  • Classroom Environment

    Our teachers always ensure that the atmosphere in the classroom is ideally suited to students producing their best work. This means creating an environment which is relaxed, welcoming and, above all, fun.

  • Great Nationality Mix

    The wide range of nationalities you’ll be sharing your classes with makes it far more likely that you’ll speak English instead of your own language. Chatting to classmates becomes part of your language development, and by the time you leave you’ll have made friends from around the world.

  • Friendly Atmosphere

    Our lessons are designed to be as much fun as possible. That’s because we realise that you’re more likely to learn in a relaxed and friendly environment. You’ll also feel confident enough to use as much spoken English as possible.

  • Course Certificate

    On your last day in school you’ll be presented with an EC Certificate of Study. This is proof that you’ve completed an English course with us, and will help to open doors as you begin the next stage of your journey.

  • Reach Your Goals

    Our unique EC Promise guarantees that we’ll do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. Whatever targets you set yourself, we’ll match your hard work and dedication with the support, facilities and environment needed to fulfill your potential.


ECの目標はシンプルです。 それは、生徒の皆さんが、自分で選んだ英語のレベルに到達できるようサポートすることです。 私たちは、英語力を最大限に高めるために必要な教育、学習環境、交流プログラムを提供します。

生徒の皆さんが各自に合わせてパーソナライズされた学習プログラムに従うならば、ECは皆さんの英語力の向上を保証します。これが、ユニークなEC プロミスです。

EC プロミス


ECには、あなたの目標達成を支援する様々なコースがあります。 最適なコースが見つかるよう、ぜひ私たちにお手伝いさせてください。